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Three more children die in drought suffering Thar

MITHI: Children of drought-hit Tharparkar dying despite tall claims of relief operations and food supplies by the authorities in desert district of southern Sindh province of Pakistan.

According to ARY News, three children of Thar region have died in hospitals in Mithi and Hyderabad soaring the death toll in the region by hunger and disease to 187. 

Tharparkar, a vast territory mostly comprises of desert, has been in the east of Sindh bordering India. The people from far-flung villages of the region still suffering from scarcity of food supplies and water.

Livestock breeding is the mainstay of the economy of the region, which suffered fatal blow due to scarcity of rainfall in the area in recent years. A large number of cattles have died in drought aggravating already miserable conditions for the people. 

Chief Minister of Sindh Syed Qaim Ali Shah will preside over a meeting of the provincial cabinet today to review the situation in Thar and monitor the relief operations in the region.



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