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‘Three-eyed rat hybrid’ animal baffles people, Tiktok video goes viral     

A terrifying and bizarre-looking creature that is being compared to a three-eyed rat has left people baffled.     

In a Tiktok video that went viral, the unusual creature’s mangy tail with half its hair missing can be seen scurrying on the street. It scampers about for a while before turning its face to the camera. As the camera focuses on the creature’s face, it appears as if three eyes stare back at you.


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The mysterious creature appears unafraid of humans. Two of the eyes seem to be in the “right” place on its head, however, the third one is in the middle and slightly higher on the forehead of the creature.

The weird creature turns its head to one side before the video abruptly ends.

The clip was posted by a Texas-based TikTok user, however, the exact location where the video was shot is unknown, Times Now News reported.

Some netizens suggested that the creature was a hybrid of rat and squirrel and called it “scrat” or “squirrat”.

One user said, “At first I was, like, rat? Then I was, like, squirrel? And then I was, like, cat?” Another wrote, “That’s a squirat.”



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