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Three human traffickers nabbed in Islamabad

The human traffickers, Babar, Safdar and Iqbal Hussain are accused of sending people out of the country on fake United Nations letter.

According to Wikipedia, many Pakistani women and men migrate voluntarily to the Persian Gulf States, Iran, Turkey, South Africa, Uganda, Greece, and other European countries for low-skilled employment such as domestic work, driving or construction work. Once abroad, some become victims of labor trafficking.

False job offers and high fees charged by illegal labor agents or sub-agents of licensed Pakistani Overseas Employment Promoters increase Pakistani laborers’ vulnerabilities and some laborers abroad find themselves in involuntary servitude or debt bondage.

Employers abroad use practices including restrictions on movement, non-payment of wages, threats, and physical or sexual abuse. Moreover, traffickers use violence, psychological coercion and isolation, often seizing travel and identification documents, to force women and girls into prostitution in the Middle East and Europe.



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