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TikTok star shamed over irresponsible prank

A prankster has been blasted by social media users after he was filmed pouring a large container of cereal and milk all over a New York subway train car.

In the video posted on TikTok, the man is seen spilling the mixture on the floor as coronavirus pandemic essential workers riding the train are forced to move to avoid the mess.

Some passengers are seen leaping out of their seats to prevent their clothing and shoes from getting dirty.

To make matters worse, the spillage is directly in the doorway, so passengers stuck behind him have no choice but to move through the doors that connect subways cars. The prankster half-heartedly attempts to scoop up some of the multicolored mixture with his hands, the entire train car clears out.

In the video, filmed from the opposite end of the train car – presumably by someone who knows the prankster – he places his hand on his forehead and opens his mouth as if to gasp at what has happened.

His gasp is visible as his face mask is pulled down below his chin. Fellow passengers keep their masks and gloves firmly in place.

Joshy narrates in a TikTok video that shows the first part of his prank: ‘I got the munchies on the subway today so I pulled out some cereal and starting chomping away. People started staring at me but I just assumed everyone recognized me… They all looked really hungry though. So then I asked if anyone wanted cereal and that’s when it all fell. Everyone started getting really mad at me.’

The clip posted Tuesday garnered 2 million views on TikTok but the followup got even more, with 3.2 million views.

I accidentally dropped a whole tub of cereal on the subway today. I was like, “oh my god this is the worst day of my life, not my Fruity Pebbles.” Everyone started moving away and filming me but I was like, “can someone help?”. Surprisingly no one offered so I had to put all the soggy cereal back in myself,’ he narrates.

The video received a barrage of negative comments and condemnation soon after it was uploaded.



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