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Teens film Tik Tok video after car crash, face backlash

With an upside down vehicle lying on the road side after a road crash, the only thing that comes into a mind is to find ways to come out of it.

But there are some people, who even find funny things during such stressful times.

Katie Cornetti, 16, and her friend Marissa Bordas fall under the above mentioned category as they lost control of the car during a turn, causing the car to flip twice and land on its side, with the two girls stuck inside.

The two rather than panicking thought it a good time to record their Tik Tok video to music that Katie shared online — which has now been viewed millions of times.

The video showed with passenger side still on the ground and driver’s side up in the air, Katie pans the camera around, showing the shattered windows riddled with cracks. The girls look unharmed, though their hair are flowing sideways with gravity.

The song Stupid by Ashnikko and Yung Baby Tate, which includes the sound of laughter — which the girls lip-sync, could be heard in the background.

The social media, was, however, not impressed with their actions with one user lamenting ‘Seriously what’s wrong with people,’ while the other said: “So glad they put themselves and everyone else at risk for a freaking Tik Tok.”

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The girls think, otherwise and have a better justification for the video in another video they made to narrate the entire episode.

‘It really was scary… But we decided let’s do this to get our minds off of it, and honestly it helped a lot.

‘There was not much we could do to make anything better, so that’s what we decided to do.



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