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TikTok introduces new feature!

TikTok has introduced a new feature for experimental purpose aimed at monetizing its platform, which has over a billion users.

These features were first spotted and shared by Fabian Bern, founder of influencer of Chinese startup Uplab. In the video shared on Twitter, it could be seen how TikTok is permitting users to add a URL in their profile bio.

Some users are now being given the option to add a URL to their bio. Whilst this could be to any website, it can, of course, include e-commerce sites, which would allow users to direct people who view their profiles to those sites, opening up the possibility of using affiliate links in-app.

The short-form video app confirmed the development and said it has started to allow some users to add links to e-commerce sites (or any other destination) to their profile biography as well as offer creators the ability to easily send their viewers to shopping websites.

The company said the roll-out of these two features are part of its usual “experimentation” to improve the app experience for users.

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“We’re always experimenting with new ways to improve the app experience for our users. Ultimately, we’re focused on ways to inspire creativity, bring joy, and add value for our community.”

If TikTok retains these features, it could disrupt what many industry figures call “social commerce.” Social media companies and messaging apps in recent years have lured customers through their core services and introduced shopping features.

In many markets, such as China, Southeast Asia and India, which happens to be one of TikTok’s biggest markets, social commerce is increasingly becoming popular and beginning to pose a challenge to “traditional” e-commerce players such as Amazon.



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