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TikTok user exposes little-known trick that holds fuel cap at the bowser

New hacks have been shared on TikTok from time to time, however, a little-known feature of the humble fuel cap has baffled hundreds of drivers online.

The trick was uploaded to TikTok on the weekend and has since been viewed more than one million times.

@milltj01How did I not know this?

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In the video, a man could be heard as saying that it took him 38 years to realise the trick.

He unscrews the fuel cap. But instead of putting it down, he slots it into a spot on the door of the fuel flap door.

Varying comments were shared on the post with some lauding the user for sharing the trick while others saying that they knew it beforehand. Some users also shared other tricks they knew.

“I’ll be back in a second I need to check something,” one person commented. “51 years on this earth and I just learnt this,” another said.

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However, not everyone was impressed.

“How did people not know this, what did you think that part was for?” one person asked. “I’m OK with just letting it hang,” said another.



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