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Hilarious TikTok video of woman setting off smoke alarms goes viral

A hilarious TikTok video of a woman setting smoke alarms in an office after she accidentally got locked in it has gone viral, becoming a source of laughter for netizens in a COVID-hit 2020.   

A TikTok user Belle Cosgrove was engulfed in smoke after accidentally triggering the alarms while leaving work.

@belle.cosgroveFootage of me triggering the alarms & “smoke cloaks” at work when I was accidentally locked in the building 🙃💨🚨 #CCTV #Alarms #helpme #OhNo

♬ Oh No – Kreepa

She shared the video with a caption: “Footage of me triggering the alarms and “smoke cloaks” at work when I was accidentally locked in the building.”

It has been viewed more than 4,468 times since being shared on TikTok.

In the video, she explained: “CCTV footage of me leaving work and setting off all the ‘smoke cloak’ security alarms. They never checked my floor before locking up…”

“I didn’t even know they existed. This went off on every floor & I was stuck in the building for over an hour.”

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The TikTok video has become a source of laughter for people on the video-sharing application with people also sharing their experiences with it at hospitals and IT companies.

One user also asked the woman if she had suffered from any ailment owing to the smoke, to which Belle Cosgrove responded that she wasn’t suffering any ill aftereffects from her surprise.

“Yes, it’s harmless from what I remember it had a sort of lemon scent. It just scared me to death as I didn’t know it was there.”



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