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Now is time for decisive war against terrorists: PM Nawaz

Weak steps taken against terrorism would not satisfy the nation, conceded the PM.

Addressing a meeting of parliamentary leaders in Islamabad today, Mr. Sharif said, “We need to take strong decision against elements who want to destroy Pakistan, who are targeting innocent children.”

He said no religion allows fratricide. The entire nation is now eyeing the government to launch decisive battle against terrorists across the country. “Peshawar incident was the worst example of terror in history.”

They [terrorists] are killing innocent people and Pakistan has paid heavy price in this war against terror.

Our economy has suffered a lot, he added.

The Prime Minister said all the political parties should demonstrate unity and discuss the concerns if they have any on any issue. “We are ready to address the concerns pertaining to the imminent legislation.”

This is the time, he said, to launch a decisive action. “We should not wait for a next big foul play to take action”, added Mr. Sharif.

The PM said: “We gave peace and dialogue a complete chance and tried to settle the dispute.”

“There are several small factions of [terrorists] that perturbed the government whom to talk with. We gave them ample time, but to no avail.”

Eventually, he said, Zarb-e-Azb was launched to eliminate terrorists from our soil.

“We met the Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and his team and discussed strategy to wipe out terrorism from both the countries, which is vital for regional peace,” Sharif said.

The PM said: “We will take strong action against terrorists operating from Afghanistan to carry out attacks in Pakistan. And Afghan authorities will do the same.”

He regretted that innocent children were massacred in Peshawar and retribution of the attack has been due now.



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