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Time now to stop terrorist-producing institutions, says Rasheed

The minister, while speaking today at a gathering in Lahore, said hate propagating institutions must cease to exist now. There are colleges where passed out students talk of hatred. We acquired independence but did not pay heed on education, he added.

“It is the time to get rid of terrorism institutions.”

To a question, he said Pervez Musharraf had himself declined of any ‘deal’ having taken place for his safe passage. This debate must now end. There is contradiction in statements of PPP leaders on the issue, said the minister.

Rasheed said PML-N would not become a part of anything that was in contravention of the Constitution.

To a question, he said electricity crisis had engulfed the entire country. The projects started by this government in one year were never conceived in last 60 years.

Responding another query of journalist, the information minister said the terrorists had made North Waziristan denizens as hostages.



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