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Passengers travel back in 2019 from 2020  

Time travel whether in past or in the future using a time machine is a topic widely discussed in fiction.

However, no one was able to successfully test this theory until today.

Although no time machine was used this time to travel back in the past date, passengers of the Los Angeles-bound Japan flight were lucky enough to witness it first-hand.

It happened when the flight NH-106 took off from Japanese capital-Tokyo- just after midnight, when the year was changed to 2020 and landed in the United States (US) at 05:00 pm on the last day of the 2019 calendar.

The time zone in both the countries, lying in different continents of the world, is 17-hours apart.

The flight traveled for over nine hours to reach the US but there was still enough time for the passengers to celebrate and witness the new year festivities for the second time.

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The post from flightradar24 at the microblogging site-Twitter- that shared the happening garnered a mixed response from the Twitterites as some asked if there would be any flights of this sort next year while the others saying that it happens every day in flight schedule and there is no big deal.

Some even commented that a date disappeared completely from their life while traveling from one country to another.



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