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Timeline of deadliest terrorist attacks in Pakistan

The Pakistani Taliban, whose insurgency has killed thousands since it erupted in 2007, claimed responsibility for the attack.

Here is a list of major attacks by them and others since 2007:

— 2007–

October 18: Bomb attacks targeting former prime minister Benazir Bhutto kill 139 people in Karachi as she returns to Pakistan for the first time in eight years. She was later killed in another gun and suicide attack on December 27.


August 21: Twin suicide attacks kill 64 people outside Pakistan’s main arms factory in Wah near Islamabad.

September 20: Sixty people are killed when a suicide truck bomb brings down part of the five-star Marriott hotel in Islamabad.


October 28: A car bomb destroys a market in the northwestern city of Peshawar, killing 125 people.


January 1: A suicide car bomb kills 101 people at a village volleyball game in the northwestern district of Bannu.

March 12: Twin suicide attacks on the military in Lahore kill 57.

May 28: Gun and suicide attackers storm mosques belonging to the Ahmadiyya community in Lahore, killing 82 people.

July 9: A suicide bomber blows himself up in a busy market in the northwestern Mohmand tribal district, killing 105 people.

September 3: A suicide attack kills 59 at a Shia rally in the southwestern city of Quetta.

November 5: A suicide bomber kills 68 people during Friday prayers in the northwest’s Darra Adam Khel area.


April 3: Fifty die after two suicide bombers attack a Sufi shrine in the central town of Dera Ghazi Khan.

May 13: Two suicide bombers kill at least 98 people outside a police cadet training centre in Charsadda.

August 19: A suicide bomber hits a mosque during Friday prayers in the tribal district of Khyber, killing at least 43.


January 11: Thirty-five die when a remote-controlled bomb detonates in a market in the northwestern tribal areas.

August 16: Gunmen drag 20 Shias off a bus and shoot them in the northwestern district of Mansehra.


January 10: A double suicide attack on a snooker club kills 92 in a Shia Hazara neighbourhood of Quetta.

February 16: A bomb at a market at Hazara Town, a Shia Hazara neighbourhood in the suburbs of Quetta, kills 89.

March 3: A car bomb explodes in a Shia neighbourhood in Karachi, killing 45.

July 27: Twin explosions at a busy marketplace in northwest Pakistan kill 41.

August 9: A suicide bomber targets the funeral of a senior police officer in Quetta, killing 38.

September 22: Eighty-two people die when two suicide bombers attack a church in Peshawar after a Sunday service.

September 29: A car bomb in a busy market area in Peshawar kills 42.


January 19: A bomb rips through a military convoy in the northwestern city of Bannu, killing 20 soldiers.

January 21: A bomb on a bus kills 24 Shia pilgrims in the southwestern province of Balochistan.

June 10: Ten Taliban militants lay siege to Karachi airport, killing 27 people.

November 2: Fifty-five are killed by a suicide bomber at the daily closing ceremony at the main Pakistan-India border crossing.

December 16: Taliban insurgents storm an army-run school in Peshawar, killing at least 154 people including 135 children.


January 30: 62 people are killed as a suicide bomber hits a Shia mosque in the Shikarpur district.

February 13: Militants attack an imambargah in Peshawar, killing 22.

May 13: Forty-three Shias are killed when gunmen open fire on their bus in Karachi.

September 18: The Pakistani Taliban attack an air force base near Peshawar and kill at least 29 people, most of them servicemen.

October 23: A suspected suicide blast which targeted Shias in the southern city of Jacobabad kills 24.

December 13: A bomb rips through a crowded bazaar in a mainly Shia area of Pakistan’s northwestern tribal region, killing at least 23.

December 29: A Taliban suicide bomber on a motorcycle kills 26 in the northwestern town of Mardan.


January 20: Taliban gunmen attack a university in Charsadda, killing at least 21.



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