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To Whom It May Concern – Left right Left right

The charm of social media is that we can very conveniently see general perception of youth about new happenings in our politics. But what is discouraging or shocking is that just to prove ourselves right we tend to deny the very fact that we are in misery, we are suffering, we are not proud of being Pakistanis (ask overseas fellows about this as they face humiliation every day due to the image depicted by our Government). Some friends ask me why PTI protesting after one and a half year when they didn’t even perform in KPK themselves, or why TUQ striving for revolution when PAT didn’t even contest elections or are not even in Parliament. The comments don’t just stop here I also hear and read questions like why IK when he has scandals, ex jew wife, used SKMH funds for personal use, Why TUQ striving when he is not even “pure” Pakistani, his dreams and other propagandas… my question to all of them is… “Why Not?” Why not IK or TUQ to change the destiny of your and my next generation? Why not IK or TUQ when they are raising a voice against this corrupt system which is the very reason for our disappointment in world at first place? Why not IK or TUQ when everything they are saying is RIGHT but everything happening or has happened since 60 years is mostly wrong? Why not most of you or for that matter even me as soon as an opportunity is available abroad wont prefer to stay in Pakistan and pursue our career here… BECAUSE at the very back of our mind WE know what the reality is.

We know that we have been suffering from the tyranny of democratic dictatorship but we don’t have time to change anything about it. That’s what generation before us did and that’s what we are going to do and that’s what our next generation will do… suffer and spend their time on this planet and find ways to live their own lives. We do not think as a Nation what Quaid-e-Azam thought once. So when such voices like IK and TUQ come out, it becomes very easy for our conscious to start blaming them and make conspiracy theories and find ways to assassinate their characters just because we don’t want to do any effort as that takes some sweat and blood. We are caught in a disease of procrastination to such an extent that if it was humanly possible we would delay breathing for one day to avoid any struggle or effort! We need to wake up and stop being a hypocrite to ourselves, to our future generation as future won’t forgive us. By the way most of the people on social media do not suffer from this everyday misery… it’s the people who literally don’t have any charm in life to be on social media who suffer and die every day. I humbly request all of you to wake up and realize that we need to grow like a nation and all developed nations have been through this depression once but they rose up with a combined coordinated struggle. Our constitution is very prestigious and honorable but people managing its implementation are not! Time to say the truth to whoever it may concern.

Maaz Ahsan



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