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Imran appeals nation to join the protest

While speaking to protestors who clashed with police on their way to Prime Minister House, Imran Khan said that Chaudhry Nisar (Interior Minister) is a ‘Gullu Butt’  (central chracter in Model Town tragedy) and the police here also has some covert Gullu Butts.

In a statement before the speech, PTI chief  said that peaceful protests cannot be  stopped by brutal use of force.

Imran urged his party men to remove all barriers and go towards Prime Minister House.

PTI representative Naz Baloch claims female supporters of her party are distraught as their children – as young as six months old – are missing.

“Nawaz Sharif should come to PIMs hospital and see how these women are sobbing – he has lost the right to govern this country.” said Naz.

While her Twitter account shows injured protestors in hospital.

PAT chief Tahir-ul-Qadri while condemning the attack, said that the two brothers (PM Nawaz and CM Punjab Shahbaz Sharif) could have easily avoided the tragedy by giving their resignations but they chose to attack common men instead.

Some 25,000 people began to march on the prime minister’s house late Saturday after talks with the government mediated by the powerful army failed to end the impasse.

Violence broke out after the protesters attempted to remove containers in front of the President House, using a crane.

Over 200 people were injured in the resulting clashes.



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