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Man re-imagines Tom Cruise’s ‘Top Gun’ trailer with Lego bricks

The Internet routinely blesses us with absurd viral videos, but every once in a while it presents something stunning, and a Twitter user’s attempt to recreate the trailer of Tom Cruise’s Top Gun: Maverick using just Lego bricks is just that!

Yes, Twitter user OnBeatMan took the time out to meticulously reimagine the film’s trailer, frame to frame, using just Lego bricks and the result has shocked Twitter!

The American brickfilmer, also known as Gus Danko, is known for his various, carefully crafted brickfilms, and shared his latest effort on Twitter on Feb. 26. “After months of work, I’ve meticulously recreated the Top Gun: Maverick Trailer IN LEGO, frame by frame, for you to enjoy!” he tweeted.

The Lego trailer is a treat to watch, thanks to Danko’s attention to detail – from costumes to the backgrounds, each frame is a treat to watch!

The video has now been viewed over 264k times on Twitter alone and also boasts 135k views on YouTube currently. That’s not it… Paramount Pictures, the studio behind the Top Gun franchise also noticed Danko’s impeccable efforts with a tweet that reads, “Incredible. One of the finest ever produced.”



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