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Top 5 best New Year celebrations

1. Dubai:

Dubai welcomed the New Year 2015 with a light and sound extravaganza. They aimed to celebrate the world’s largest firework display by projecting some 70,000 LED panels on the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa.

2. New York:

New York is probably one of the most famous place in the world for New Year’s party that held in Time square. The party that began at six in evening welcomed New Year with the combination of the Times Square Ball Drop and an electrifying fireworks display, ended with Taylor Swift performance in midnight. NY is known for throwing one of the most famous New Year’s parties.

3. Auckland:

Although the first country to welcome New Year is Kiribati but the world’s big celebrations starts from New Zealand. The biggest and most populated part of the country Auckland started the first big party of the year with fireworks displayed from the city’s famous Sky Tower.

4. Sydney:

The second big party was thrown by Sydney after New Zealand, where thousands of spectators were gathered to welcome 2015 with dramatic firework at the most popular Sydney harbour. The city’s iconic harbour was filled with countless multicolored explosions that displayed beautiful firework. The Harbour Bridge was sparkling golden trim over 12 minutes.

5. London:

The queen city welcomed New Year 2015 with fireworks exploded around the House of Parliament and the London Eye. The scene looked amazing when the sky was lit up by the firework next to river Thames and thousands of spectators were gathered to watch it.



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