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Top 5 most googled female celebrities of 2014

Britney Spears tops the list of most googled female celebrities. Although, she broke down from the industry earlier but the American beauty got her comeback with her best and is highly searched.

The barbarian actor, fashion designer and singing sensation Rihanna is also the cover many fashion magazines. One of the most energetic female celebrity ranks second in the list of most googled females.

The perfect lady of her field Lena Gecke is a German television host and model. She is among the top class models and celebrities of this era. The lady is on third in this list.

Singer, composer, model choreographer and what not! Shakira is the sensation and one of the most famous celebrities is also among the most googled female celebrity of the year.

It would have been an injustice if Miley Cyrus was not in this list. The name which is present in all entertainment magazines and websites has made it to the list of most googled females of 2014.



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