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ToRs committee term ends today sans any progress

The committee which is meeting today again to resolve the deadlock between the government and opposition over a common and agreed set of the ToRs for the proposed judicial commission.

The parliamentary committee was set up on May 23, for 14 days and the tenure coming to end on June 07 (today).

The committee required the National Assembly’s approval for extension of its terms.

In view of the uncompromising stands with no flexibility from the government and opposition, it appears quite difficult that the committee will be able to complete its assignment, sources said.

The committee has so far held five meetings while the sixth session is scheduled today.

The two opposing sides have been involved in statements against each other leading the cynics believe that major political parties are not serious in finalizing the ToRs as none of them wants investigation for having their cupboards full of skeletons.

Every party is desperate to get maximum political mileage and damage its rivals.

The opposition parties warning to launch an agitation against the government. The government leaders in their statements telling the opposition to do, what they want to do.



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