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VIDEO: Tourist ferry explodes at Mexican beach, several injured

MEXICO: A dramatic footage has emerged showing explosion in a tourist ferry at Mexican beach leaving at least 25 people injured.

Some of the victims reportedly sustained serious injuries at the incident in the Mexican resort of Playa del Carmen.

The ship was docked when the explosion occurred shortly after 1pm local time. According to witnesses, the ferry had arrived at the dock only about three minutes before the explosion was heard at the resort popular with British tourists.

ferry explodes mexican beach

Firefighters and other emergency crews rushed to extinguish the fumes while tending to the injured passengers.

Dramatic footage shows the moment the explosion went off on the ferry. The blast sent a fireball in the air and debris flying sideways from the ferry as it was moored to the dock with people nearby.

ferry explodes mexican beach

Passengers were heard screaming and seen running out of the ship.

In a statement, the municipal government said Three Canadians and two Americans were among the injured.

The government said the cause of the explosion known.



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