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Towel factory in Azizabad catches fire

The cause for the fire could not be ascertained. Merchandise worth hundreds of thousands of rupees was also lost to the flames. According to details, the towel factory situated in Azizabad caught fire due to which workers and employees were evacuated from the building. No loss of life was reported.

In order to control the flames, eight fire brigades reached the scene initially. When fire started spreading on the third floor of the factory, two more fire tenders, a bowser and one snorkel were brought.

When the fire started to spread and posed danger, it was termed a third level fire and all fire tenders from the city were ordered. After a struggle which lasted for two and a half hours, the flames were controlled.

Less than a month ago, a tyre factory in the city’s Korangi Industrial Area also caught fire. Supplies worth hundreds of thousands of rupees were lost to the fire however, no loss of life was reported in the incident. The cause of that fire could also not be ascertained.
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