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M3 motroway closed for traffic as dense smog engulfs Lahore, adjacent areas

LAHORE: The M3 motorway has been closed for traffic after a dense smog has laid siege on it on Monday rendering it too hazardous for motorists as the field of vision has shrunk, ARY News reported.

The dual carriageway of M3 starting Lahore has been shut until Darkhana, the motorway authority officials said today.

According to the motorway authority the vision field has been limited only to 50 meters in different parts of the province as well as they highly advise motorists to drive with fog lights on.

The advisory issued today tells people to avoid unnecessary travel and in case of necessity, maintain reasonable distance from the next car to avoid untoward situation which is highly likely in smog.

According to the authority, regions to experience intense smog situation are Lahore, Chung, Mohlanwal, Manga Mandi, and Phool Nagar.

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Areas of Pattoki, Habibabad, Renala Khurd, Sahiwal, Chichawatni, and, among others, Okara also experience the same situation.

The motorway authority has advised people to reach out to their helpline 130 for more details and about the place they intend to travel to.



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