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Traffic policeman, resident fight over wrong side parking of vehicle

KARACHI: Scuffle erupted at Karachi’s stadium road, last night, when a traffic policeman asked citizen not to park his vehicle at the wrong side of the road, ARY News reported.

As per details, the matter took place when a youth parked his vehicle at wrong side of the road. Initially the cop and the youth exchanged hot words which later turned into a street fight.

In a video available with ARY News, the youth can be seen abusing the cop, while the traffic policeman took out his pistol during the brawl, who was stopped by other citizens.

According to the police, action would be taken against the youth, if the policeman files complaint of the incident.

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Back in the month of September, last year, a rickshaw driver named Shahid had sprinkled oil on his body and set himself alight near the city police office in Saddar.

In his statement shared on social media, Shahid alleged “ASI Mohammed Hanif was extracting Rs100 from him daily. I gave the policeman Rs50 on Saturday, but he insisted on Rs100 and on refusal the ASI handed me a challan.”

According to details, the incident took place as a protest against the alleged extortion by the cop, as the rickshaw driver was recorded saying that he was ‘frustrated’ with daily challan and alleged ‘extortion’ by the traffic police.



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