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WATCH: Man enters train from window

A Frenchman who could not wait to get a seat on his commute home was caught entering his train by its window amid France’s ongoing national transport strike.

A video of the young Frenchman has gone viral as he could be seen taking off his jacket and entering a train from a reportedly 15-inch window in a sophisticated manner to occupy a seat as people could be seen gathered ahead of him around the gate to enter it.

Amazed onlookers could not believe their eyes as the commuter pulled the stunt, which was uploaded on the social media platform with the caption ‘I’m speechless.’

A woman filmed the scene as her child was heard in the background asking the mother if he could use a similar way to enter the train. The lady was heard saying that she would post the video on the social media site.

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The man faced criticism online by enraged French commuters who thought his actions were ‘rude’ and ‘selfish,’ given the number of elderly or pregnant commuters that could have benefited from a seat.

Commenters joked France had descended into ‘madness’ as the country hits the 40th day of a strike which has paralyzed most of the nation’s transport network since December in protest of Emmanuel Macron’s controversial pension reform. The law change would have seen France’s retirement age raised by two years.



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