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Transport mafia adamant not to reduce fares

According to details, transport mafia in Sindh is adamant not to lessen the fares of public transport, obstructing its benefit to reach a commoner.

Everyone is aware of the fact that public buses, taxis or rickshaws all operate on CNG or LPG, but a common man has to pay the fare equal to that of on petrol or diesel.

Whatever to name it either ignorance of the Transport Department or something else, but a lay man has to pay the fares according to the prices of diesel or petrol.

Earlier when diesel used to be cheaper than petrol, these transporters used to receive the fares according to petrol prices and now when the petrol prices have gone down by more than Rs 9 per liter, they say that fares will be lessened with the reduction in the price of diesel.

In addition to this, they have also threatened to call a strike if forced to reduce fares.

Here the questions rise what is the performance of the Transport Department, are these [Transport Department and transport mafia] two sides of the same coin, or the transporters in the country are so influential that the government departments are helpless before them.

Whatever the reason may be, but the public will not have any relief of this wide cut in petroleum prices.



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