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Travel blogger Alyne shares how to have a great vacation in Pakistan for $100

American travel vlogger Alyne Tamir aka Dear Alyne is attempting to break stereotypes about Pakistan with her travel blog. 

Her latest video shows Pakistan as one of the most affordable travel destinations. Titled  The most AFFORDABLE Adventure, Alyne’s vlog highlighted how you can have a great vacation in the Asian country, in just $100.

Pakistan witnessed a revival of tourism in the recent past and an influx of international travel bloggers who shared their journey around the country with their followers. Alyne is one of those vloggers who aim to show the true picture of Pakistan, reiterating it is not dangerous.

Here are four reasons Alyne Tamir shared to back her claim:


She was seen gushing about the hospitality of the people of Pakistan. She said sellers refused to take money from her on many occasions. Alyne saw people giving out apples and tea to tourists for free on the roadside because they believe “Guests are a blessing from God.”

Reasonable prices

Alyne shared that even when you need to pay for things, the prices are quite reasonable such as a halwa puri breakfast for eight people in the mountains is for $8; that’s $1 per breakfast and a cup of tea for 25 cents. A car with a driver for one-day costs $30, a beautiful customised dress tailored by locals can be bought for $16, a boat ride in a lake for 75 cents, and a hotel room in an igloo with the most scenic views can be rented for $50, according to Alyne Tamir.

The Most AFFORDABLE Adventure?

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Posted by Dear Alyne on Tuesday, November 19, 2019

It is safe!

Alyne’s answer to the most asked question “But isn’t Pakistan dangerous?” is “No.” Based on her experience and research, she said that the crime rate is almost zero in some of the tourist mountain towns she visited. She wants people to forget about all the negative things they get to hear and visit the country to see for themselves.

Medical Tourism

Interestingly, she has also found Pakistan suitable for medical tourism—people traveling abroad to obtain medical treatment. Alyne Tamir was quite surprised by the prices when she visited a hospital for a quick check-up. She discovered a root canal in Pakistan costs $30 as compared to a whopping $1500 in Los Angeles, US. And, she believes the doctors here are just as qualified as anywhere else.

The travel vlogger wants people to give Pakistan a chance; they are likely to get mesmerized by its beauty and remember it for a lifetime.



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