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Treason Case: Army Chief is to decide either to support me or not, says Musharraf

ISLAMABAD: Former President General (R) Pervez Musharraf has said that he has left the decision of supporting him in the treason trial up to the Army Chief – ARY News reports.

Returning to a question during his interview to British Broadcasting Corporation here on Monday, Musharraf said, "inside military, opinions are taken on every important issue, however the final decision is made by the Army Chief, so I leave it onto him either to support me or not".

He claimed that the entire Pakistan Army is annoyed by the treason trial against him. He added that he has got the feedback and is aware of the perception of military up to ground level.

The ex-President said that not just army, a common man also recalls his reign, when poverty was reduced and the one with a motorcycle became able to purchase a car.

Speaking about the role of Judiciary, he said that it is not yet known how far the court will be un-biased, however he knows that he is being trapped.

"Yet, I am hopeful that the Supreme Court (SC) of Pakistan will provide me justice", he added.



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