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Treason Trial: Special court summons Musharraf on Feb. 18

ISLAMABAD: The special court hearing the Treason Trial against former President, Pervez Musharraf while giving another chance to him, has ordered Musharraf to appear before the court on February 18 – ARY News reports.

According to details, General (R) Pervez Musharraf once again failed to appear before the court on Friday, however his legal team insured the court that he will present himself on February 18.

At this, the special court issued its order regarding the appearance of Pervez Musharraf stating that the court while refraining from the use of its powers, gives another chance to Pervez Musharraf.

The court while accepting the appeal of Musharraf's lawyer, Anwer Mansoor did not issue non-bailable arrest warrants of the former President and summoned him on February 18.

The special court also ordered the guarantors of Musharraf to appear on February 18, whereas the security bonds against Pervez Musharraf's bail will also be deposited at the same date.

Earlier to this, Musharraf's attorney, Anwer Mansoor while presenting arguments, urged for a prior decision regarding the authority of the special court to hear the case.

He requested the court that if it withholds indictment proceedings during Musharraf's presence before the court, in that case the former President can appear in front of the court and make an appeal seeking immunity from court proceedings.



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