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Tribunal clears Rafique from any vote fraud in NA-125

The tribunal in its verdict said that massive irregularities and negligence were observed in NA-125 election and these faults were found at every stage of the election process.

“Counter files and voter lists of several polling stations were found missing, while three voters cast their vote twice,” read the verdict. “As many as 1352 votes were verified through thumb impressions, out of which 1254 votes could be confirmed.

The election tribunal stated that thumb impressions on 14 counter files turned out to be fake, while there was no record available of the ballot papers and counter files of polling station no. 195.

There was also no evidence found against the returning officer (RO) and polling staff regarding misplacement of record.

The tribunal said, “No evidence was found against Saad Rafique of conspiring/deceiving in the election, nor were any proofs found against him of influencing the RO or the polling staff.”

The allegations leveled by the petitioner against Rafique and Mian Naseer could not be substantiated, nor were they found guilty of any wrongdoing, stated the election tribunal.



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