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True democracy was never introduced, says Altaf

Altaf Hussain said that democracy is the name of a system in which all the members of the society are free to live their life according to their political, cultural, religious and social norms with an equal clout in society.

He added that the rulers, boasting about being democratic, did not pay attention in solving the problems and failed to form local governments which are the “nursery of democracy” due to which its benefits have never been enjoyed on grassroots.

Altaf Hussain also said that Pakistan is getting economically, socially, culturally and internationally isolated and the biggest reason is the difference between the rich and the poor.

“Our doings have brought the country in such a fix in which the chances of improvement are less and the nation is on the path of destruction”, he said.

He added that true democracy should be brought into the country so that the poor people could be given facilities at their doorsteps. He added that the people, especially the youth, from the educated middle class should be a part of the politics so that they have the power to make decisions for improving the country.



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