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Trump has a bizarre habit of rearranging things

US President Donald Trump has a bizarre habit of rearranging things every time he sits down, a revelation which has left the internet scratching their heads. 

After the bizarre handshakes, several eagle-eyed TV viewers pointed out Trump’s habit about how frequently he fiddles with whatever is placed in front of him.

From coasters and papers to his own name plate, Trump never seems satisfied with the arrangement of items on his desk or boardroom table.

Some have suggested this might be evidence of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) but this cannot to diagnose from afar but is a serious mental health condition.

However it is also possible that the fiddling isn’t subconscious at all but rather a deliberate show of power from his days in the boardroom at the Trump Tower.

Many body language experts suggest spreading out as much as possible when sitting around a meeting table to assert authority and claim territory.


Some experts suggest that more confident and higher status men will usually spread out their papers and claim their turf, while lower status and less confident men tend to pull in.

The compilation circulated online leading to comments like “This is desktop manspreading. He’s marking his territory and trying to intimidate others with the space he takes up.”


Even comedian Jimmy Kimmel considered it and said “He’s more of a move than a shaker.” and said that he hopes  Trump’s healthcare plan includes OCD.

Others theorise that the habit is from years of appearing on TV, the act of moving objects out of foreground so you appear more prominently in a camera shot.



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