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Trump’s inauguration hats were made in China

Donald Trump appears to be a firm believer of notion “buy American and hire American” – but his said principles were in stark contradiction at his inauguration.

Here’s what he tweeted on the day he was inaugurated as 45th President of the United States.

In a surprise to many, Trump’s own inauguration hats were made in China.

Two of Trump’s core policy pledges have been to stand up to China, and bring manufacturing jobs back to the US.

Many of those supporters were sporting Trump’s trademark red “Make America Great Again” baseball caps that were made outside the US.

Some were horrified when they discovered their Trump hats were foreign made.

Rob Walker, 44, who had driven to Washington from Georgia with his wife Abby, 36, had stopped at a truck stop on the way to buy a “Make America Great Again” cap, reported the Reuters.


“Oh God, I hope it’s not made in China,” Abby said, flipping the cap over to check. She looked at its label. “China! Don’t tell anyone!”

The Trump hats available for purchase on Trump’s official campaign website are made in the United States and cost between $25 and $30, according to the label inside those caps.


But they are also more expensive than the $20 versions sold by street vendors in Washington on Friday.



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