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Trump’s Pakistani Muslim supporter says fake scholars bringing extremist thought to US

WASHINGTON: Founder of ‘American Muslims for Trump’ and a prominent Pakistani supporter for US President Donald Trump, Sajid Tarar fears that few religious leaders are bringing the extremist thought to America.

During an exclusive chat with the ARY News Washington correspondent Jahanzaib Ali, Tarar said that (such) people are establishing mosques in every state and city of America and are spreading their message of intolerance and hate.

“Few Pakistani Muslims are opening ‘fear shops’ in our community; they are even importing fake Molvis/Imams from Pakistan by getting thousands of dollars for facilitating their American visas. These fake and uneducated Molvis/Imams are brainwashing our second generation,” said Tarar.


He maintained that he personally met some of these fake Imams and urged them to stop dividing the communities in the country.

“Few Imams right now are taking advantage of the situation being faced by Muslims in America by telling them who are the friends and who are the enemies.”


“No one is the enemy here,” Tarar said. “What I believe is that it has to stop, you cannot open the fear shops here.”

Tarar, who recited Quran at Trump’s Presidential Inaugural Prayer Service, requested Muslim parents particularly Pakistani families to check the credentials of the Imam or Molvi before sending their children to them for religious education.

Mr Sajid Tarar, who is likely to get an important position in the US Department of State, said that he is looking forward for a position in the Trump administration especially related to Muslim communities.



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