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TTP confirms Adnan Rasheed’s arrest

The prime suspect in Pervez Musharraf attack case and key TTP commander Adnan Rasheed was captured from Shakai area of North Waziristan agency, where Pakistani forces are busy in a clean-up operation against militants.

Sources have claimed that three Al-Qaeda affiliated militants have also been arrested along with TTP commander while governmental sources have not confirmed or denied their arrest.

Rasheed, believed to be in his mid-30s, is a former Pakistani air force officer who tried to become a suicide bomber before he was jailed for a 2003 attempt to blow up then-President Musharraf.

He escaped from jail in 2012 along with nearly 400 other militants after militants attacked Bannu prison using rocket propelled grenades and assault rifles.

Earlier, Pakistan’s security officials claimed Rasheed’s arrest from a house in North Waziristan Agency.



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