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TTP not to hold back from attacking Pak-Army, says Shahidullah Shahid

PESHAWAR: Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) spokesperson, Shahidullah Shahid has said that Pakistan Army is at the front-line of the 'War on Terror', so the attacks on it will be continued as the both the sides have not yet announced ceasefire – ARY News reports.

In an interview given to foreign magazine, Shahidullah Shahid told that Pakistan Army and Taliban have not yet got into a ceasefire agreement, so the attacks will be continued. He reiterated that our struggle is against the military and if a chance is given, it will be targeted.

He added that TTP is focused at the military and intelligence agencies for an operation is underway against us in Karachi.

Speaking about peace negotiations with the Government of Pakistan, the TTP spokesperson told that the process is underway and in case of its failure, the organization will not upset at the consequences.

He further mentioned that if his organization gets a chance to hit Musharraf, it will surely strike the former President, whereas politicians and journalists when intercept their ways, they fall prey.

Shahidullah Shahid clearly stated that TTP will not hand over foreign militants to the Government.

While referring peace talks as Taliban's victory, Shahid told that the Government has admitted our strength, whilst he added that if Taliban gain power, then Mullah Fazlullah will be the Ameer ul Momineen.




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