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TTP serious in dialogue, claims Shahidullah Shahid

KARACHI: Spokesman banned Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan, Shahidullah Shahid, says that TTP is serious in dialogue and implementation on ceasefire is not difficult, ARY News reported on Tuesday.                              

Shahidullah Shahid said a discussion had been completed with different groups on ceasefire and a decision would shortly be made in this regard. He said there was a consensus among all factions in peace talks, adding no impediment will stop implementation on any decision, taken in the dialogue. 

He said Taliban’s governance system was based on Shariah whose decisions were taken by a Ameer and every person is bound to abide by such directives.                                                                                       

He said an explanation had been given by their Mohmand Agency operatives on FC men’s killing, which will be discussed in the shura meeting.

Shahidullah said it was a matter of grave concern that their imprisoned men were being killed and abandoned. TTP spokesman said halting of such activities was vital to progress dialogue process.                                            



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