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After Hania Aamir, Tuba Aamir Liaquat too shuns ‘unrealistic’ beauty standards

TV show host Syeda Tuba Aamir Liaquat has called for women to accept their skin and avoid longing for ‘unrealistic’ beauty standards.

During a special Ramzan transmission that she’s hosting on state-run Pakistan Television (PTV), Tuba said that no one had a ‘photoshopped skin’, implying that the photographs of models on magazine covers were highly edited.

“The girls who long for ‘magazine’ skin must realise that it’s all fake – none of it is real”, she said.

She further said that every woman had pores on her skin and it was a very real thing and should be accepted.

Hania had started a campaign yesterday calling for women to accept their imperfect skin.

In her Instagram post, Tuba also appreciated Hania Aamir’s stance on the matter.

She said that Hania’s was a very grounded yet unpopular opinion. “Don’t let your skin define YOU!”, she exclaimed.

A number of other celebrities including Mehwish Hayat had supported Hania Aamir’s campaign with Hayat writing ‘Flawsome is Awesome’.



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