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Mysterious metal monolith pops up at UNESCO heritage site in Turkey  

Mysterious metal monoliths have once again drawn the attention of the netizens after a new discovery in Turkey at a UNESCO World Heritage site named Gobekli Tepe.

A 10-feet long monolith has popped up at a UNESCO World Heritage site named Gobekli Tepe in Turkey’s Sanliurfa province.

The structure, which is 3 metres tall and inscribed with an old Turkic script, was found by a farmer on 5 February, according to an Associated Press report.

Monolith appearances had gone cold in the last few weeks. But Friday’s discovery in the province of Sanliurfa has brought the total of monolith discovered to 10.

The Turkik script on the monolith reads ‘look at the sky, see the moon’. Following the appearance, armed police were deployed to guard the structure and also investigate its origins.

According to Turkish media, police offers were seen looking through CCTV footage and investigating vehicles that may have transported the monolith to the World Heritage site.

Gobekli Tepe is a site that has a history of intriguing sightings. It is home to megalithic structures that date back to the 10th millennium BC.

Metal monoliths started appearing at random locations in the world in 2020. The first one was discovered in Utah’s Red Rock Country on November 18.

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The first one in India spotted in Symphony Forest Park in Thaltej, Ahmedabad.

The monolith in Ahmedabad resembled the other ones, with shiny metal sheets forming a three-sided structure. But this one had a few numbers embedded on it, which represented an affinity towards nature and the protection of wildlife.

The structure disappeared after just two weeks and was replaced by a metallic sphere.



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