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Turkey to rename iconic Bosphorus bridge as Martyrs’ Bridge

The bridge, opened in 1973 and known until now simply as Bosphorus Bridge, will now be known as July 15 Martyrs’ Bridge. This was said by Prime Minister Binali Yildirim to reporters after a late night cabinet meeting.

He said that the bridge had been chosen to be renamed as it was the “first target of the coup plotters” on the night of July 15, resulting in the deaths of several civilians.

The bridge — a key strategic point linking Europe to Asia — had been blocked by armed rebel soldiers late on July 15 in one of the first signs to Istanbul residents a coup was in progress.

Backed by attack helicopters, they fired on the crowds of pro-Erdogan supporters who converged on the bridge. The rebels eventually surrendered on the bridge after being overwhelmed by sheer numbers protesting.




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