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Turtle crashes through woman’s windshield in Florida

Suddenly things changed when a flying turtle came crashing right through her car’s windshield. Bjanes had no idea what had just happened and was completely shell shocked.

The turtle had smashed through the car’s front windscreen, bounced on the passenger and landed on the dashboard. Bjanes saw the debris on the road but had no idea that it was a turtle.

turtle 3

Bjanes quickly decided to share the pictures on Facebook. They immediately went viral with almost 9000 shares as yet. Her friends and family expressed shock and amazement over the incident.

High patrol officers came to inspect the car and later founded that the turtle was struck by another vehicle and was airborne when it hit her car.

Bjanes suffered minor cuts and was provided with first-aid by paramedics.


But do not worry about the turtle. It was completely unhurt and was released into a pond where it swam away immediately.



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