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Twinkle Khanna likens Taher Shah to Pakistan’s nuclear weapon

Twinkle Khanna, just like everyone in India, Pakistan and basically the world, was intrigued by Pakistani singer Taher Shah’s latest music video.  Mrs. Akshay Kumar a former Bollywood actress, likened Taher Shah to Pakistan’s nuclear weapon.

And that was not enough. In typical Mrs. Funnybones fashion (which is her Twitter handle) Twinkle Khanna also cracked a joke on Taher Shah’s signature glaring stare.

Taher Shah’s Angel debuted yesterday night and has since then become an internet sensation. The awkward singer, who pens strange lyrics and has an unusual demeanour, has been trending on Twitter at number one in India and Pakistan ever since his song debuted on social media yesterday.

In Angel, Shah dresses up as an angel and talks about being the ‘angel of mankind’. In the music video, he also has a female angel companion and also an angel son, with whom he strolls a huge grassy field beside a river.



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