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Twitter Reacts to the #LiptonSilenceAd that took the internet by storm!

When was the last time you stopped doing whatever you were in the middle of for a minute and truly appreciated something?

Do you remember the last time when you cared about nothing else, and just relished the moment you were in regardless of what was going on around you? It’s okay; you’re not the only one in this scenario.

Millions of us miss out on the little things in life because we are after chasing after the bigger things.

Lipton came up with the idea that took people by surprise. They designed an ad that lasted for an entire minute. The ad shows a family spending time with each other and doing nothing else. What took everyone by surprise was the absence of any music or background score.

No audio could be heard to better explain to us what was going on in front of us.

That, perhaps, is the most powerful image that could be presented to us. Lipton chose to call it “a minute of silence.” It was a thought provoking minute for the audiences, when all they heard was silence, and it was hard to figure out what the silence was leading up to.

In the chaos and noise of our everyday lives that we end up ignoring the most critical aspects of our life.

There’s so much happening around us; there are so many things that we need to get done, which leaves us with not even a spare minute to pause, reflect, and connect with our loved ones, our families.
Hundreds of people tweeted about the advertisement with the hashtag #LiptonSilence and shared what it meant to them.

They shared stories of the bygone era when the family time was only about family and nothing else. People reminisced about the memories they have of spending evenings with their friends and loved ones. Many people promised to make an effort to stop every once in a while and appreciate the blessings that are around them.


The advertisement helped in starting a conversation about differentiating between the things that deserve our time and attention and the words that we end up focusing on. It was also followed by Lipton’s advertisement that showed the impact that the digital age has on us. So, pay attention to your loved ones, notice the little moments of happiness around you.

Do things that make you happy rather than keeping you busy. After all, that’s what makes our lives worthwhile.



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