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Twitter mocks Floyd Mayweather, Logan Paul’s anticlimactic fight

Twitter had a field day over the weekend after Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul went head-to-head in an anticlimactic fight that ended with no winner.

Underwhelmed fans flocked to the micro-blogging app on Sunday, calling the pay-per-view event out for its lack of action – according to Mayweather, Paul’s wrestling background made it hard for him to get any decisive punches in over eight rounds of the boxing match.

Fans, however, weren’t ready to settle with that explanation, with many taking digs at the match as well as Mayweather and Paul; some even doctored images of them onto married couples to imply just how tame the match was!

“Hugging. We paid to watch two men hugging. Not boxing,” wrote one user, while another user took a particularly harsh dig: “Logan Paul got more hugs in one night from Floyd Mayweather than he got from his dad during his entire childhood.”

One user kept it funny by sharing a video of two men laying on a table full of banknotes with the caption, “Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather after fooling the whole world who paid to watch the fight.”

People also compared the two to Spongebob and Patrick hugging it out in the boxing ring.

We guess the real winners of the night were over at Twitter instead  of in the ring!



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