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Twitter users in Pakistan react to Karachi heatwave with humour

Mercury came down to 42°C after it rose to 44 degrees, breaking the record of the hottest day in the past 10 years.

The users of Twitter posted pictures and tweeted on the intense heat in the city.

Rooh Afza tweeted that she is moving to the move and posted a somewhat different diagram of the solar system with Karachi as the planet mercury.

Ashfaque Dasti writes, “Now I know why Saturated Steam is more dangerous that Super Saturated Steam”.

Man on mission posted his ambitions on fighting the sun.

Faraz Jafri states that Karachi has become synonymous to Garmi (summer).

Abdullah Zahid said that he feels that the earth is revolving around a microwave while WkWasiKhan told the sun to play it cool out there.

Rabiyah Tungekar tweets “Don’t forget to keep water outside for the birds!!” while Nida Moughal wrote “My eyes are burning with heat.. Ya Allah reham.”



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