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Two brothers involved in eight murders arrested after 14 years

LAHORE: Police on Friday arrested two brothers absconding since the last fourteen years who are alleged to be involved in murdering eight people including their brother-in-law.

The suspects named Khalid and Nasir were residents of Lahore, and were taken into custody by Police force in Faisalabad.

Police called the operation a success, and said both brothers had in connivance with their father killed their relatives in 2002 over personal enmity and domestic disputes.

The suspects had allegedly killed eight people including their uncle, aunt and brother-in-law. Murder cases were lodged against them at the Chung and Hanjarwal police stations.

In a separate incident, the suspects also killed three members of the Abbasi family in Bhawalpur.

The suspects were finally nabbed after over fourteen years, but their father is still on the loose, and is expected to be arrested soon.



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