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Two men arrested for selling fake gold

Police contingent also captured 417 biscuits of fake gold from two accused Zafar Ali and Manzoor.

According to police officials, the accused were selling fake gold biscuits to people as genuine gold.

Police also recovered arms from the possession of the two accused.

A case has been registered against the accused and officials questioning the arrested men.

Intelligence men raid gambling den

Intelligence personnel conducted a raid at a gambling den in Kala Pull area and arrested four suspects.

Arrested were working at the gambling den of Rashid alias Jhulay Lal.

According to sources, gambling den owner with his accomplices had kidnapped two members of the intelligence agency last night and subject them to torture.

The kidnapped intelligence men were on duty when they were kidnapped over suspicion. After identification they were released, sources said.

The owner of the den, Rashid Jhulay Lal, Yousuf Rokra, Shani Korangi and Hanif escaped from the spot during the raid. Two accused Yousuf Rokra and Hanif said to be linked with Lyari gang war.



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