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Two Muslim women badly beaten over beef rumours in India

The assault on women was also recorded through a mobile phone.

The police were at the railway station to arrest the two Muslim women; they say they had been tipped off about the women travelling with a large quantity of beef to sell.

Even after the police caught them, the women were assaulted by a crowd that had gathered at the spot.

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In the video, the women are cornered by a crowd that is heard screaming “Gau Mata Ki Jai (Hail holy cow)”. They are slapped and punched by the women in the mob until one of them collapses.

The policemen apparently didn’t try hard enough to protect the women from the blows.
The women were thrashed for nearly half an hour before the police led them away.

Police sources said 30 kg of meat has been recovered from the women.

The consignment was examined by a local doctor who pronounced it buffalo meat, not beef, claim the police.

No action has been taken against those who assaulted the women, or the policemen at the spot.

Indian state home minister Bhupendra Singh was reported by NDTV as saying: “No can take law in their own hands.  A probe will be conducted.”





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