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Two namesake candidates with nearly a same symbol may confuse voters in NA-179

LAHORE: Voters in NA-179 may get baffled on the polling day, especially those supporting Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, as two of contesting candidates, including one of the PTI are namesakes having an almost similar electoral symbol.

Javaid Iqbal is representing PTI in the contest on NA seat of Rahim Yar Khan with a bat symbol, while an independent candidate also named Javed Iqbal is among the 15 contestants also has a bat-like symbol, but not exactly it. The symbol also signifies that of ‘ice cream stick’ or a ‘table tennis racket’.

A sample ballot paper is circulating on the social media, showing the electoral symbols of two candidates appearing to be same after printing.

candidates same name PTI NA-179 Elections 2018
Source: Facebook

As many as 15 candidates are in the run for this National Assembly seat including Ali Ahmed Shah of Tehreeke-e-Labbaik, Mian Imtiaz Ahmed of PML-N, Muhammad Amir Shahbaz of PPP and Noor Ahmed Sial of MMA.

The constituency has a population of 843,794 people with 435, 061 of them as registered voters.

Same confusion on the provincial seat

Interestingly, the provincial seat of the same constituency (PP-263) has also two namesakes – one from PTI and another an independent one. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s Muhammad Shafiq is contesting for the provincial constituency while another Muhammad Shafiq is running independently with a same bat-like symbol.

candidates same name PTI NA-179 Elections 2018
Source: Facebook

It now lies with the voters whether they get caught in a confusion or they differentiate smartly while voting for their desired candidate on July 25.



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