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Two Pakistanis detained in Nigeria seek help from PM, CJP

ISLAMABAD: Two Pakistanis locked up in a Nigerian prison for the last 16 months have requested the prime minister, the chief justice of Pakistan and the foreign minister in a letter to get them free from illegal detention.

Giving detailed account of how they got trapped in the dilemma, the Pakistanis, Naseer Khan and Mohammed Ejaz wrote that they got a job in ‘Aqleem Shipping Company’ in March 2017 and the company first sent them to Greece and then to Nigeria.

“We were made hostage at a ship for seeking permission letter for loading oil and refusing to work illegally,” they said.

The letter reads that later Nigerian navy raided the ship and arrested all of them. Nigerian investigation agency after interrogation cleared them of any charge and presented them in the court.

“The Nigerian court has sought Rs15 million bail from us which our families in Pakistan cannot afford. Therefore, we appeal from the PM and the CJP to take notice of this and help us,” the letter reads.

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