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Two shot dead while resisting robbery in Karachi

KARACHI: Two persons were shot dead while resisting a robbery attempt in Karachi, ARY News reported on Thursday.

Police stated that armed men shot dead two people, identified as 45-year old Mukhtiar and 40-year old Akhtar, when they tried to resist a robbery attempt at a bakery in Kharadar area of the old city.

Meanwhile, 22-year old Abdullah was wounded in a shooting incident at a Halwa Puri shop in Lyari’s Aath Chowk area.

In another incident armed men injured a youngster Imran in firing in Korangi Industrial Area.

Criminal activities including murders and robberies continuing in the metropolis despite Rangers led targeted operation against hardened criminals and terrorists.

It should be noted that a Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) official Shahab Hyder was killed in a shooting incident at Karachi’s Jahangir Road on September 20.



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