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Son kills father, grandmother in Lahore

LAHORE: In a shocking incident, a man stabbed to death his father and grandmother in Lahore’s Township area on Tuesday, ARY News reported.

According to ARY News correspondent, a 70-year-old woman and her 45-year-old son were killed by one of their family members after being repeatedly stabbed with a knife in their house in the city’s Township area. Experts from the Punjab Forensic Science Agency were called to collect evidence related to the double homicide.

“It is a gruesome murder, he (the murderer) probably roamed around the house after the murders, washed his hands in the bathroom and smoke a cigarette,” a female relative of the deceased told ARY News.

“Wearing plastic bags in his hands, he (the murderer) left the crime scene through the main door,” another relative said.

Police later arrested the deceased male’s son who confessed killing his father and grandmother over a property dispute. The law enforcement agency also arrested two servants of the house who disappeared after the incident who confessed their involvement in the crime.



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